Goodbye iTunes? Apple denies that it will retire in 2019 -


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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Goodbye iTunes? Apple denies that it will retire in 2019

Since the launch of the iPod more than a decade ago, we have been able to access a magnificent music store that has allowed us to quickly know the latest hits on demand. Thanks to iTunes, the music industry had the push it needed to launch to conquer the network. However, times change, and technology has changed the habits of consumers, who are no longer willing to pay 1 euro for each song.

Now, we have at our disposal a multitude of streaming music services that, for a small monthly fee or the insertion of advertising, allow us to access thousands of songs without having to purchase them separately. Among those options, is Apple Music precisely, the option that the company offers its users and we have been able to compare previously with Spotify to enjoy the best music. And for this same reason, it seems that iTunes had stopped making sense.

Precisely because of that, the appearance of some rumors indicating the closing of the iTunes music store did not take much by surprise. Apparently, an internal statement had been leaked indicating the cessation of operations of iTunes LP, leaving the final closure of the service for March 2019. However, The Sun has managed to contact a representative of the Californian company, which has totally denied these information

As it seems, although it seems that the moment of iTunes has already passed, still endure something more to give its users all possible options for purchase. In any case, it is something that seems to happen sooner or later, especially because the program itself needs a major renovation to adapt to the new times. Whether there will be movements or not, we will know at events like the WWDC in June .

And you, are you still using iTunes for your music purchases?

Via | Cult of Mac 

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