Google follows Apple's footsteps and changes the gun's emoji for a water gun -


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Sunday, 29 April 2018

Google follows Apple's footsteps and changes the gun's emoji for a water gun

A few years ago, Apple replaced the emoji of the weapon with the emoji of a harmless water gun in iOS 10 . Today, Google has joined this movement by replacing its weapon emoji with that of another water gun.

Other companies such as Samsung and Twitter also did the same, demonstrating that the technology industry is also concerned with fighting violence with weapons .

One of the most curious data in this topic is that Microsoft, a few years ago, used a water gun as an emoji. However, when Apple changed the emoji, Microsoft changed the water gun to the emoji of a real weapon . Very curious.

The emoji of the water pistol is the ideal weapon against violence

While for some users the emoji replacement of the weapon is a somewhat excessive measure, for the vast majority of users it is the perfect weapon to fight against bullying, abuse, racism and terrorism . This type of violence is much harder to put into practice, obviously, with a water gun.

But different companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Samsung and Twitter use their own emojis and not all of them have joined the initiative of the company of the bitten apple, which by the way already prepares their emojis of iOS 12 .

But why do they use different emojis? When someone sends an emoji to another user, it does not send a simple image. Instead, it sends a Unicode code . Therefore, it is up to the device to convert this code into an image. It is for this reason that each company (and even application) is able to create their own emojis.

So if you're thinking about using the water gun to make a joke, you should be very careful. A water gun on iOS would turn into a real gun on a Microsoft mobile device or on Facebook . In these times, you never know, you could end up in a courtroom.

Via | Cult of Mac 

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