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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Happy birthday iPad! 8 curiosities in its 8th anniversary

How quickly time passes! It seems that it was yesterday when Apple presented its first tablet, a tablet that would completely revolutionize the concept of mobile devices with touch screen market. The iPad celebrates its 8th anniversary since its launch in 2010 . A couple of years after the birth of the iPhone.

Apple started developing its iPad in 2002, but the project was reserved so that the company could focus all its efforts on the creation of the iPhone . Finally, in 2010, Steve Jobs presented the world the first Apple tablet.

Since then, the iPad has evolved a lot ... and a total of 350 million units have already been sold internationally. And, now, it's cheaper than ever with the launch of the low-cost iPad in March's special keynote.

And to celebrate the 8th anniversary of the iPad, we bring you 8 interesting facts about the Apple device, the most popular tablet in the world .

1. Sales leader!

Although tablets are not as successful in the market, Apple has sold 43 million units in 2017 (well above its competitors) and a total of 350 million units in 8 years.

2. Your introduction to the world .

This was his birth, Steve Jobs introduced the iPad in 2008 in one of the most unforgettable keynotes in the history of Apple.

3. A secondary project

The development of the iPad was only a secondary project at first, since the company was immersed in the development of the iPhone . At the end of the day, at that time, the iPad was nothing more than the idea of ​​a giant iPhone.

4. It's the most beautiful thing in the world!

During his presentation, Steve Jobs looked at the original iPad and commented: It is the most beautiful thing in the world!

5. Cheaper than ever

The latest iPad model that Apple has presented is cheaper than ever . The 2017 model costs only 324 euros on Amazon but it is also possible to find iPad Pro for just over 500 euros .

6. The tablets are no longer cool

The iPad leads a sector wounded to death , tablet sales continue to plummet since 2014. Even so, Apple manages year after year to offer very attractive novelties for consumers.

7. It does not age!

Interestingly, the design of the iPad has hardly changed since the official launch of the first original model. It still looks almost the same.

8. A face wash

Speaking of design, the company of the bitten apple aims to renew the design of the iPad in 2018 by removing the start button, reducing the size of the side bezels and including a top frame for Face ID.

Congratulations iPad! And have more years! 

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