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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

How to download all your WhatsApp data

It seems that, in the end, Facebook has entered into a little bit of reason. After having caused one of the biggest scandals in data protection issues, the company has decided to put all its privacy policies, including those of its subsidiaries, such as WhatsApp and Instagram . Due to this change, both platforms have been able to download all the data stored in them, so that users can recover some control over them.

In this case, we will give you a hand so that you can check the data that the WhatsApp servers store on your profiles. It may not be something too significant, since, in theory, they do not have access to our conversations. However, it will help you to be calmer in the face of a future in which the security of our private life is increasingly in question . We hope you find it helpful.

How to request a copy of our profiles to WhatsApp

As in other platforms, the process of creating and downloading profiles stored on external servers is not instantaneous. It is necessary to request them expressly through a dedicated menu that has introduced WhatsApp. For this, we must do the following:

1) Within the WhatsApp app, go to Settings > Account .

2) There we will see a new option called Request account information .

Through that same submenu, we can send an application that will be answered within three days . When this is accepted, you will receive a notification on your phone, and you can proceed to download your data in the form of a ZIP, which contains inside a copy in the form of html. Keep in mind that this option will be available in the coming weeks, and you may not yet be able to access the indicated menus.

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