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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

How to have 2 WhatsApp on iPad (or on a computer)

Although it is not the best messaging app, WhatsApp is the most used application, so we all enter a vicious circle in which we do not jump to other alternative apps because our contacts do not and so WhatsApp continues to reign . However, the Mark Zuckerberg app has notable shortcomings and one of them is that we can not have 2 WhatsApp on an iPhone, unless we follow this trick that does not require Jailbreak , but that is not official.

Another of those functions that are missing is that WhatsApp for iPad is a reality, a promise that seems never to materialize beyond WhatsApp Web, which although it is a very useful tool, is far from perfect. The good thing is that we can use WhatsApp on both the iPad and a computer without installing anything. The bad? We need to have the iPhone near, on, operational and battery powered. And sometimes even with those works well.

But let's go back to those people who need 2 WhatsApp accounts on the same phone , or simply that they need and use 2 WhatsApp, for example the professional and the staff. How can you manage it from your computer or iPad without having two different computers? Very easy, with this trick that we show you below.

How to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same computer or iPad

In case you did not know - or because a review is always good -, so you can use WhatsApp on your iPad or on any computer , it can be macOS, Windows or Linux.

After all, you only need a browser like Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, Opera or Microsoft Edge and it is updated. Of course, your phone has to be close and both have to have an internet connection .

Go to the website and scan the QR code with your phone, from the WhatsApp app, in Settings > WhatsApp Web . In a few seconds you will see your phone conversations on your iPad or computer.

Up to here, nothing that we do not know. It's time to open another tab in your browser and go to this website . Repeat the process of scanning the QR code with the other WhatsApp account you have on your other phone. Now you can access two different WhatsApp from the same browser on your iPad or your computer.

Via | Gadgets Now 

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