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Thursday, 5 April 2018

How to hide the preview of notifications on iPhone

Notifications are always very useful , just take a look at the screen of your device and you can check who that message you just received, if you have entered the payroll in the bank or if you have a new comment on Instagram.

Now, having all notifications active is often a drag, especially if we are in numerous WhatsApp groups , they can be distracting and annoying. Today we are going to help you manage this type of warnings, so you can find the balance between information and peace of mind.

How to hide the preview of notifications on iPhone

If you want to hide the preview of a notification of, for example, WhatsApp messages, you must go to Settings> Notifications and go down to Options> Show previews.

Once there, press the "Never" option and you will have it ready. What do we get with this? Well, very simple, when we receive a message from the application and we have the iPhone in rest position, we will be shown that we have received a message and the sender, but not the content of it.

With this we avoid that the snoopers put on their boots if, for example, you have the phone on the table during a meeting.

Now, maybe you want to go a little further and what you want is that this notification does not show you anything at all, that is, that does not bother you at all. What should I do? Very simple, You must follow the route Settings> Notifications and go to the app from which you do not want to receive notifications . Uncheck the Allow notifications option and you will be sure that you will not receive any notice of it.

The best thing of all is the reversibility of the process , perhaps what you need is a temporary break from these warnings and you can do it for a short period of time, for example that meeting so annoying with a snooping companion by your side.

Via | 9to5mac 

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