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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

How to make the 2017 Income Tax return online and from the iPhone or iPad

Today begins the new Income Tax Agency. If you want to know how to make the draft and present the 2017 Income Tax return online, both from the computer and from the iPhone or iPad, read on.

As every year, the deadline for submitting the income tax return has already been opened. Quiet, no need to move from home, you can make your 2017 income statement online , just a computer or iPhone or iPad for convenience thanks to the new app presented by the Tax Agency.

It is much simpler than it seems, but first of all we want to resolve some doubts that may arise before making your 2017 Income Tax return .

Do I have an obligation to present the Income Tax return?

According to the Tax Agency , those taxpayers who are residents of Spain are required to declare taxpayers except:

1) Those who have personal work income equal to or less than 22,000 euros per year :
- If they come from a single payer.
- If there are several payers, when the sum of the second and subsequent amounts in order of amount does not exceed the sum of 1,500 euros.
- When the only work income consists of passive benefits such as Social Security pensions, group insurance, etc., provided that the determination of the applicable withholding tax rate had been made in accordance with the special procedure established by regulation.

2) Those who have income from personal work equal to or less than 12,000 euros per year in these cases:
- If the income from work comes from more than one payer and the sum of the amounts received from the second and remaining in order of amount exceed the amount of 1,500 euros per year.
- If compensatory pensions of the spouse or annuities are received for non-exempt food.
- If the payer of the work income is not required to retain.
- If you receive full income from work subject to a fixed rate of retention.

How long can I file the Income Tax return?

If you leave to return , you can submit it from today April 4, 2018 to July 2, 2018, both in the offices and electronically or by phone.

If you have to pay , the term is from April 4, 2018 until June 27 through direct debit and until July 2 without it. In person, this period begins on May 10.

How can I make the draft?

First of all, you will be able to obtain the draft of your declaration . There are three ways to do this: with an electronic certificate or electronic ID, with Cl @ ve PIN - which you can achieve through an app created for that purpose -, or with the reference number obtained the previous year in the 2016 Income Tax return.
Cl@ve PIN
Cl@ve PIN

How do I process the draft and present the declaration?

As we mentioned above, you can do it telematically from the app or from the website of the Tax Agency .

The new 2017 income tax app is available for both Android on Google Play and for iPhone and iPad on the App Store. Here we leave the download link so you can do it comfortably:

Unlike what happened in previous years, the 2017 income tax app is not limited to being the same as the web, but its design has been simplified so you can make your statement "with a single click" .

As you will see in the first screen, the first thing you have to do is identify yourself with your electronic ID, cl @ ve PIN or reference number. If you sign in without identifying, even from here you could request the PIN code to identify yourself.

Click on Rent 2017 and you will see your draft. Read carefully and modify the data you deem appropriate. When you have finished, you only have to click on "Present statement" and later on "Sign and Send".

And it's just a matter of waiting . You can check the status of your statement both from the web and from the initial menu of the app. Also, you can also declare your draft to have it always at hand.

If there is any incidence or irregularity , the Tax Agency could contact you to give you a period in which to provide the required documentation or clarify any data susceptible to error.
How to know if the statement is going to return or pay me?

As with paper statements, look at the "Result of declaration" line. If it appears in negative , the Tax Agency should reimburse your money. If on the contrary you go out to pay, the figure will be positive. In any case, keep in mind that not everyone has the obligation to present the declaration.
How do I get the return?

If you have submitted the return and it has been returned, the Tax Agency will check that everything is correct and if so, in a matter of weeks you will receive the credit in the bank account that you have indicated.

However, if there is any problem or irregularity , the Tax Agency will contact you. Remember: the sooner you make the statement, the sooner you will receive the return. 

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