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Saturday, 14 April 2018

How to order Safari bookmarks alphabetically

Maybe you already know absolutely all the tricks to use the Safari bookmarks on your iPhone, on your iPad or on your iPod touch. But maybe you did not know that you could organize your bookmarks alphabetically in macOS.

Instead of keeping the Safari bookmarks in the order in which you created them, now you can have Safari organize them automatically and alphabetically. And it's very easy! Additionally, we will also talk about how to customize your favorite iOS bookmarks .

Why would I want to do this? You will ask yourself. Well, if you usually navigate through a complex and convoluted system of folders, favorites and bookmarks, having some sort of order might interest you. Although everyone has their hobbies, for example I love to sort them by categories (news, movies, humor, sports ...).

How to organize bookmarks in alphabetical order in Safari

This trick can be applied to your bookmarks previously saved in the native Safari for Mac web browsing application. It is extremely easy to see. To organize your bookmarks alphabetically follow these steps:

1. Enter Safari.

2. Go to Favorites> Edit.

3. Press a folder of your bookmarks with the right button.

4. Select "Sort by" and choose the option alphabetically.

How to customize your iOS bookmarks

On iPhone and iPad it is not possible to organize your bookmarks alphabetically, but you can create a "Favorites" folder that appears by default each time you open the Safari application.

1. Open Settings.

2. Access the Safari section.

3. Enter in the Favorites section.

4. Select the folder you want.

Customize Safari bookmarks in iOS is as simple as that. You can organize them to your liking and they will be presented on the home screen of the Apple web browser. Try it and if you have any questions we will wait for you in the comments section.

Via | Cult of Mac 

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