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Monday, 2 April 2018

If you have an iPhone 5s, the health of the battery has a serious problem with iOS 11.3

Much has been talked about in the last months of the controversial batterygate , that is, the controversial decision of Apple to reduce the speed of work of the processors of the iPhone to safeguard the life of their batteries without notifying the users. In addition to a stain on his image, this practice has cost him dozens of lawsuits and a plan to replace batteries at an irreproachable price .

Yes, it is not that Apple did it to accelerate the programmed obsolescence , I simply wanted to avoid the sudden blackouts that occurred in iOS 10 when the battery could not supply enough power to the device. The problem was the lack of transparency with their customers. With iOS 11.3 and the Battery Health feature, Apple seemed to have ended this dark episode of a career full of successes.

Now you can choose what you want : that your iPhone squeeze the most of your hardware or that, on the contrary, optimize the set of its components and not turn off at a critical moment. Unfortunately not all users will benefit from this new feature that allows the iPhone to go faster: those who own an iPhone 5s, you can not access battery health.

IPhone 5s does not include Battery Health

So, even if you have an iPhone 5s and install iOS 11.3, you will not see this function in the Settings section, as we read in Redmond Pie . For many users of this veteran but successful terminal, the news has fallen like a jug of cold water. After all, the older your iPhone is, the more you need the CPU frequency to work to the maximum to support the new apps.

But the reason is quite simple: Apple has not implemented this function in the iPhone 5s officially , although the batteries of these devices are damaged. In fact Apple itself explains that this tool is available from iPhone 6 onwards. And there is no more.

In the same way, remember that the iPhone 5s is not part of the battery replacement plan either , although you could do it on your own , noticing a great improvement in its operation. Obviously, if the battery is at 100% capacity, it will not be necessary to limit the operation of the processor.

In any case, it is time for you to think about renewing your terminal because it is probably not compatible with iOS 12 that Apple will launch in the September keynote. 

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