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Saturday, 21 April 2018

Is Apple a green company or is it just a facade?

Yesterday we knew Daisy, the new Apple robot responsible for recycling up to 200 iPhone per hour . It is not the first robot with this role in the bitten apple, although once Liam was, with similar characteristics. Earth day will take place on Sunday and Apple takes this week to promote its brand as an ecological , sustainable and ultimately eco friendly firm .

Do not think the same Greenpeace, something that should make us all think . From the popular environmental NGO, they have not gone through the bush: Apple would do better to extend the life of their products by reducing programmed obsolescence than in promoting robots that dismantle old iPhones to recycle the pieces.

Gary Cook of Greenpeace has written a press release that FastCompany echoes in which he clearly explains that the bitten apple should work more on designs that make improvements and repairs possible , extending the life of their devices.

And is that consumer habits do not cheat: stretch our iPhone more and more time because we want them to last . Yes, fortunately Apple devices last on average about 4 years, much more than the competition .

    More than just recycling robots, what is needed is for the company to take its opportunity to reduce its environmental impact through reparability and upgrades. This would allow them to use them more time, delaying the Daisy process. Customers want their devices to last longer, as we see in the long waiting lists for battery replacement this year, when Apple reduced its cost.

It can be said louder but not clearer: the batterygate has been a very obvious example of consumers' desires and how Apple's well-meaning move provoked the feeling of programmed obsolescence.

What happened when Apple started the battery replacement program at only 29 euros ? There is more to see: that those users who entered the plan , have proceeded to change the battery of your iPhone to last longer and in better condition . The result is that there are delays of weeks to do so.

Are Apple devices eco-friendly?

Last summer, Greenpeace and iFixit worked hand in hand to evaluate the reparability of Apple devices and other brands, reaching a shameful conclusion: Apple reduces the life of their devices, making repairs difficult and causing a greater consumption of resources.

However, his iPhone 7 is one of the most environmentally friendly mobile phones on the market , which says very little of the other brands. The same can not be said for the Mac or the iPad, with very low reparability rates. When the HomePod came out in January, iFixit declared it irreparable , which makes it clear that Apple has not learned the lesson. Or that does not interest you too much .

For its part, Apple continues to insist in its annual environmental report that its goal is the durability and longevity of its devices , providing support for five years since the product in question is no longer manufactured.

It is not the first time that Greenpeace raises its voice to draw attention to the manufacturers of consumer electronic devices and yet, Apple continues to breastfeed. Recently, Cupertino presumed to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases thanks to a supply quota of 100% from renewable sources. Of course, much better than 1% of Samsung .

Conclusion: Yes, but no ...

Yes, Apple may make efforts and compared to other firms to better stop . But given the high level of current consumption and the reference that constitutes in the market, for other manufacturers as well as for consumers, it is time for Apple to go a step further.

Apple encourages measures that reduce the greenhouse effect and also bet on obtaining valuable minerals such as cobalt ethically , that is, without promoting coups or slavery.

The sustainability of a firm is measured by its traceability , that is, by ensuring the acquisition of that commitment in all phases: supply, production, marketing, consumption, support and recycling. Apple may excel in some facets, but still have to listen to Greenpeace and increase its repairability and the ease with which you can update your devices.

Without going any further, recently I changed the hard drive of my old MacBook Pro 2012 for an SSD with a screwdriver and 5 minutes, can you say the same about the latest Macs? 


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