Is Siri the least intelligent virtual assistant that exists? Apple could change it -


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Sunday, 1 April 2018

Is Siri the least intelligent virtual assistant that exists? Apple could change it

It seems that Apple is ready to hire up to 142 new employees with jobs related to Siri, its virtual assistant for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

This is twice the number of employees hired at this time last year. So everything points to the company's bitten apple developing new plans to improve Siri's artificial intelligence software .

Siri and her voice commands have been Apple's weak spots lately. Especially after the launch of your new HomePod , since the smart speaker is only controlled by the virtual assistant.

On the other hand, HomePod rivals , specifically Amazon Echo devices , have been highly valued by consumers in terms of Alexa voice commands.

Siri will be updated with new features in iOS 12

Siri, in the first instance, had great advantages over its competitors. But, little by little, Apple's virtual assistant was losing the lead and has become the worst assistant behind Alexa and Google Assistant . But now, fortunately, this could change thanks to Apple's plans for iOS 1

The number of lists of works of Apple for Siri has increased considerably as you can see in the analytical chart that we attach . Currently the assistant is ideal for the most basic actions. But Alexa, for example, has many more features thanks to software developed by third-party developers.

The fact that Apple is hiring so many employees for their Siri projects means that the bitten apple company is again ready to compete face to face (or device-to-device) with Amazon's Alexa.

Source | Cult of Mac 

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