Meet the challenge of Earth Day on your Apple Watch and achieve exclusive content -


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Sunday, 22 April 2018

Meet the challenge of Earth Day on your Apple Watch and achieve exclusive content

Caring for our health is a habit that we should all have, regardless of our age or condition. No matter where we are, or the time it is, any time is good to move and put our body in motion . But, if there is something more important than taking care of our health, that is to take care of our planet, the place that has given us everything we have, and on which our present and future depend.

At Apple they are aware that many things could be done to take care of our home, and they know that the fundamental thing is that users are aware of the importance of protecting it. For this reason, the company has not hesitated to spread that they have become a company powered by 100% renewable energy . And they have also prepared a small gift for the users of their smart watch on the occasion of Earth Day.

Today, April 22, Apple Watch users will have the opportunity to gain some achievements designed especially for the occasion. To do this, they must complete an exercise session of at least 30 minutes , that is, the daily exercise ring must be completed. Doing so will unlock a special achievement that indicates that you have completed the challenge of Earth Day 2018, along with three other animated achievements that you can share in iMessage.

These initiatives are really interesting, and we encourage you to look for a moment in your routine to complete the challenge. However, some additional content is missing, such as a special sphere. Hopefully with the arrival of watchOS 5 give us a little more variety in this regard, and not only remove some of the apps .

And you, will you join the challenge?

Via | 9to5Mac

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