More evidence that Apple is working on its smart glasses -


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Sunday, 29 April 2018

More evidence that Apple is working on its smart glasses

The departure of the iPad 2018, the more than predictable evolution of the iPhone SE 2 or the three new models that Apple wants to present this year in its phone range, may be making us forget other important aspects in which the Cupertino company is working

But nothing is further from reality, because between one of the many projects in which they do not stop registering patents or designing how it can be, we find the version of their smart glasses , or virtual reality helmet. It is something that we have already talked about in some articles and that could even have an exit date , we would speak of the year 2020 as the most plausible date .

What Apple brings in hands would be glasses in which the reception of the images would not be done frontally, but obliquely , which would provide a more realistic and comfortable visual experience for the user, with a completely new sensation of depth . It is even commented that it could record the degrees of pupil dilation or the movements of the eyelids , in such a way that the inter action of the images generated with the person wearing the glasses offers a different vision.

The challenge facing Apple engineers seems to excite them, even seems that Tim Cook wants to bet on it given the boom that is experiencing ARKit in iOS and will be in iOS 12 . The applications of augmented reality have taken a lot of momentum with the latest version of the operating system, and it seems to have reached a point of no return in this regard.

Even so, the CEO of Apple recognizes that the technology is not ready yet , and that they do not want to rush to launch something to the market that is not worth it. You know, the good is made to wait and when the Californian brand hits the table, it does so with authority. Also in the HomePod ? Mmmm, we'll see.

Via | appleinsider 

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