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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Photography on iPhone for dummies (VIII): the tricks (I)

Photography on the iPhone usually gives satisfactory results little by little. The increase in the quality of the lenses and the processing of snapshots sometimes makes us vibrate with our shots.

Now, there is a big difference between shooting as the camera proposes us to spend a few seconds to apply some simple tricks that take the pictures to a point beyond, If you want to know some simple tricks to make your snapshots are better , Continue reading our article, it is the first part of a series that we have prepared.

Tricks to get better results photographing

Activate the grid

More than anything to put into practice the rule of thirds, that is, get photos with balance and a level horizon. To do this go to Settings> Camera> Activate grid , in my case I always have activity.

Do not abuse the flash

Its effect does not usually help when shooting , in low light conditions it is perhaps better to use it as a flashlight and to provide a more uniform light than a flash. From the Control Center activates the flashlight and once there, with 3D Touch , it graduates its intensity .

Keep the lens clean

The forgotten one is usually full of traces. It's a shame to spoil a good shot by having the camera eye dirty. Use something that does not loose fluff , the spikes of my shirts usually give an account, or the napkins of all the life of the bars.

Look for something different

Being in Pisa and photographing your tower as everyone does is fine, but it ends up tiring. Look for different shots and daring points of view or even zenith planes .


Our environments are surrounded by geometric compositions, lines, curves or shapes . Using them in photography is a magnificent resource that always gives good results.

Search the light

Always, whenever you can, look for and use natural light . In fact photography is nothing more than that, to capture light. Avoid direct sources and use better spaces with diffused and balanced light.

Remember that this article of a series dedicated to photographic tricks , do not miss the next week that we are already preparing.

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