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Sunday, 1 April 2018

Renew your Apple Watch: Apple gives you up to 170 euros for the old

Were you among the first to buy an Apple Watch? Did you buy the Apple Watch 2 and now you sigh for the Apple Watch 3? Apple makes it easier and cheaper than ever : if you deliver your old smartwatch to an Apple Store or the online Apple Store, you will receive an immediate discount on the purchase of a next-generation Apple Watch. We are talking about up to € 170 for your old watch!

If you do not want to complicate in second-hand buying platforms , Apple will avoid headaches. It's very simple, take your Apple Watch and Apple will give you an immediate discount. It is enough that you deliver your watch, the charger and the cases you can save them for the new one.

How much do you get for the old Apple Watch?

In general, Apple is not known to be too generous in pricing its own devices . Without going any further here you can see the misery they would give you for an iPhone SE or an iPhone 7 , but we must recognize that if you have an original Apple Watch or Series 1, it is not bad.

Next, the estimated value that Apple gives to your Apple Watch. Of course, it will always depend on both the model and the status of the smartwatch :

  •     Apple Watch (1st generation): Up to € 80.
  •     Apple Watch Series 1: Up to € 85.
  •     Apple Watch Series 2: Up to € 170.

What do I have to do to receive the discount?

You have two options : go to your nearest Apple Store or do the online process . If you approach a physical store, you will receive a direct discount once Apple has appraised your device. If you do it online, you will receive a Gift Card from the Apple Store.

In any case, if you are considering renewing your smartwatch, this is an offer that you can not refuse . 

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