Samsung could be to blame for 2018 iPhones being more expensive -


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Friday, 13 April 2018

Samsung could be to blame for 2018 iPhones being more expensive

The discreet sales that the iPhone X has reported raised the alarm in the Cupertino company . So much so that since the end of last year it is already known what the successors of the last device launched by Californians are going to do. It was Ming-Chi Kuo, the analyst at KGI Securities who hinted that we would not have one, but three different models for this 2018 .

In addition, the iPhone X debuted with a new type of panel manufactured by Samsung, which offers a sharpness never seen in an Apple phone and whose technology is OLED, with brighter colors and better experience when viewing the screen of our device.

If there is something that the Korean company knows how to do well, they are screens, as demonstrated with this terminal. In addition, they have received an order of 100 million units, of which 25 million would be for the current iPhone X and the rest for the successors. It should be remembered that of the three models that will be released this year, two of them will have an OLED screen, the 5.8-inch and the 6.5-inch phablet .

And the negotiation between the Koreans and the Americans has not finished curdling, there are many fringes to be polished, because Apple would like to reduce the price somewhat and produce a screen of these characteristics is quite expensive. As an alternative, Samsung offers Apple the type of screen that currently mounts the Samsung Galaxy S9 + , which is cheaper to produce. However, in Apple are not very for the work of mounting this type of panel, since according to them it would not be the most appropriate for the phone they have already on the table .

What does seem clear is that the 6.1-inch model that will carry LCD screen , this will be manufactured by Japan Display and Sharp . There are many expectations on the table and we will see if Apple is able to shake a little dust that has left the warmth caused by the iPhone X , which without being a bad device, does not seem to be up to the price that has.

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