Samsung has proof: the iPhone X is a sales failure -


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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Samsung has proof: the iPhone X is a sales failure

The million dollar question: does the iPhone X sell a lot or a little? Tim Cook says yes , but others say no . Well, until Apple gives its results in early May, we can only get carried away by the impressions of analysts and manufacturers. Precisely one of them and its maximum rival, has explained that the demand of panels for the iPhone X is low, with which the iPhone X does not sell too well. These are Samsung's tests .

The South Korean manufacturer has made public its accounts of the last quarter and have been exhaustive:

    We are affected by the low demand for flexible OLED panels

And is that this area only rose by 3.4% according to Bloomberg , well below the growth of Samsung, which has been 20%. And what are these flexible OLED panels used for? Precisely are the screens of the iPhone X, which are provided uniquely and exclusively by the South Korean manufacturer .

So if sales of Samsung's OLED flexible panels are low and Samsung is the only provider, it does not take much to tie things together: sales of the iPhone X could be low . Or so the Bloomberg analyst insinuates.

Sanjeev Rana, CLSA technological analyst, also thinks the same:

    The shipments of the iPhone X have been so low that everyone is already pending the next cycle.

Come on, that all the hopes must be placed on the iPhone of 2018 , of which we already know there will be three : one of them low cost that would use LCD panels, a new edition of the iPhone X and an iPhone X Plus for the most premium users .

The small print of the interested reading of Samsung

But it is time to make a deeper reading of the whole situation and contextualize the data, because Samsung does not hurt to bother its maximum rival or the partial readings of some analysts.

Although Samsung sells OLED screens to Apple, it also uses them for its own smartphone, which, in theory, the iPhone X would not be the only one that sold little, right?

In addition, we do not know the distribution of that figure either . I mean: we know that OLED panels have only grown by 3.4%, but what percentage goes to Apple? Because maybe we would take a surprise ... or not.

And the last point is to limit in time: Samsung provides figures for the last quarter, but we know that the iPhone X has been on sale since November 3 . That is, almost half a year.

We do not know what is Apple's manufacturing strategy with the iPhone X and what is its stock , because it could also be that it had manufactured many terminals at launch, something very logical considering the expectations raised and Christmas, and now would have reduced the rhythm.

According to Samsung itself:

    For the second half, OLED panels in the smartphone industry will suffer a new rise in demand, especially in the segment of the top of the range

Nor can we forget that Apple receives both Samsung and LG panels, although this second firm is only responsible for LCD technology as the iPhone 8. So in any case, even if they were low figures - something we will not know for sure until in a few days - does not mean that in the global the iPhone is going through a period of skinny cows , but rather the opposite . 

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