Shoot your productivity with this app: write, copy, paste and act! -


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Sunday, 29 April 2018

Shoot your productivity with this app: write, copy, paste and act!

It is a fact that we use our iPhone or iPad not only for leisure, but to work and organize a little life. Today we present Drafts 5, the renewed version of this productivity app that with its latest version comes with a good face wash.

Well, step by step to tell you the most interesting features of the app for what values ​​if it may be of interest, personally I think it is aimed at a type of people who like to have everything well organized and not miss any appointment or task.

What is Drafts?

If we synthesize it a lot, it is a much improved version of the native applications Notes and Reminders, obviously it has more functionalities and features that make it interesting . When you start it, you can write on it the text you need, whether it's a task or something you need to remember.
How it is handeled?

In a very simple way, just start and write what you need, which may well be a list of tasks, typical of shopping, or something more elaborate . And the best, you can dictate what you want, because it supports the Dictation option. Although the app is in English (mmmm, to see when in Spanish), the dictation is easily configured to our language, or the one you prefer. Yes that integrates with Siri so you can ask her to open it or write a note directly.
What I can do?

Well, first write, and then you decide what you do. You can send it as an appointment to the calendar, synchronize it to the cloud, send it by email (you will need the native app, it is not compatible with others, which is not a success) or by the Messages app, tweet it ...

One thing I did like is that Spotlight indexes searches for things you have in the application , as we show you below. It is a very favorable point and that makes the task much easier. For everything else, the possibilities are huge. It is very complete, to tell the truth.

It's free?

Yes it is your download, which is already worth it. You can become Pro for € 19.99 per year , an interesting price for those who want to access more features such as custom themes, widgets, create new actions. Although you can try it for free for 7 days in this type.

The app is worth what it costs, as a point to improve we would add Spanish as a language to integrate, and we could work with non-native mail apps, there are people who do not use the Mail app (I include myself, use Canary). Anyway, with the free version you can cover the most interesting features .
Drafts 5: Capture ‣‣ Act
Drafts 5: Capture ‣‣ Act

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