Spotify will launch a new app with voice control this week -


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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Spotify will launch a new app with voice control this week

Spotify is always in the spotlight. The Swedish company of digital content, in constant growth since its appearance in 2006 , has a good legion of followers spread between free accounts and premium users. So much so that for now it continues to enjoy an advantage over Apple Music , a service launched in 2015 that is growing at a good pace.

The more than 70 million paid users have made this app a reference, with an extensive catalog of works. And for this coming week there will be news, as there is an event scheduled for next Tuesday, April 24 , which will be attended by Gustav Söderström, Babar Zafar and Troy Carter, who are respectively the head in R & D, the vice president of product development and the global head of creative services.

So the speculations have not been made wait , because those who have received the invitation to such an event have been able to read that they are called to know the updates that the app will experience, but not much more. That is, there will be news and these could come from the hand of something very attractive, the ability to control by voice the Spotify app , something that has been in the testing phase for a small group of users.

In the same way, the option to use the app for free could be optimized, so that the experience was more similar to the premium than it is now, in such a way that random order could disappear in the lists of reproduction that is currently in force.

What remains to be seen, although it does not seem very likely except surprise, is the announcement of its own smart speaker , which would come to add color to the devices of Amazon, Google or Apple itself, although it is not known how advanced the company is this project. Next Tuesday we will leave doubts. 

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