Telegram, banned in Russia, is the app in danger? -


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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Telegram, banned in Russia, is the app in danger?

The Telegram instant messaging application will finally be banned in Russia . A court order has decreed that the encrypted messaging service should be blocked soon.

This sentence follows the course of a process that requested to prohibit Telegram because the developers of the application refused to share the encryption keys . In other words, Telegram has been blocked for fighting for the privacy of its users.

The company has flatly refused to allow state security forces to access messages from its users.

Telegram could be banned in Russia very soon

The Telegram messaging platform allows users to communicate with others through an end-to-end encryption system. This means that nobody, not even the Telegram company, has access to the content of messages between users.

The application has, to date, more than 200 million active users . In Russia, in fact, the application is used to coordinate lectures by Vladimir Putin. Even many members of the Russian government use it to communicate with the media.

Telegram has become the second global network to be blocked in Russia, after LinkedIn. A censorship of this magnitude should not exist in the XXI century , hopefully everything will be solved soon, keeping our privacy intact.

Internet has evolved a lot, and with it instant messaging, but this does not imply that the government should keep us under control at all times . Users continue to have the right to privacy and privacy. For example, when you go to buy the bread and talk to the baker for a while, no one from the government is behind to listen to you. Well this is the same, nobody should have access to your private messages. Although I recognize that it would be a very effective weapon against terrorism ... What do you think? Should the state have access to the messages of the applications?

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