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Monday, 2 April 2018

The 5 incredible news of iOS 11.3 that no one talks about

iOS 11.3 is now official . Undoubtedly, the most anticipated update since the launch of a controversial iOS 11 that has been installed less than any other operating system of the apple bitten because of its numerous bugs .

But iOS 11.3 is another story and with it it seems that all are good words: it has been available for a couple of days and there have still been no complaints about the performance or battery life .

iOS 11.3 is full of interesting news, however the main reason to install it is the solution of bugs and other useful tools that although they have not taken as many headlines as "Health Battery", they will make your life easier .

Improvement in speed and performance

We are not referring to the battery health function - the real star of iOS 11.3 that allows your iPhone to go faster , but the management of the RAM in iOS 11.3 seems to have improved , something very much appreciated.

Since its launch, iOS 11 has not managed resources too well for what Apple has us used to . In fact, those YouTube tests of speed in which iOS always came out graceful, with iOS 11 were a hindrance because of how he dealt with open apps in the background.

According to BGR , Apple has made a series of changes that have been noted. Take the test: open a few apps and try using one and the other without closing them. Apparently, several users have already noticed that your phone is more fluid .

Augmented Reality Improvements

ARKit is currently quite new, so we hardly notice the improvements that are implemented, but there are . Without going any further, in iOS 11.3:

  •     ARKit allows developers to place vertical objects on vertical and horizontal surfaces, such as walls and doors.
  •     Support for the detection and integration of images as posters within ARKit.
  •     Higher resolution

What are these improvements translated into? That AR apps and games will be much better and your user experience will improve a lot.
New order in the valuations of the apps

This may seem like a trifle to you, but it is not. From now on, you can sort the ratings that users perform on an app in four categories : the most useful, the most favorable, the most critical and the most recent.

In general, the valuations of apps in the App Store tend to be lax, mostly because people complain about everything and sometimes they just are not right in their arguments. Is it the fault of the app that you do not know how to use a game? Well, no. Now you can better screen and read the most relevant ones .

New User Manager and passwords for apps

Another of those changes that you will love as soon as you discover. In previous versions, Safari could store nicknames and passwords for auto-filling in web pages, but now you can also use it in apps .

Thus, accessing websites and apps will be much faster with the iOS 11.3 environment, without needing to download third party apps to manage your passwords like 1Password.
Goodbye to the bug that capitalizes the first letter of any word

Apple has finally ended with a hateful bug that takes time on our iPhone . Surely you've ever noticed that the first letter of a random word is capitalized for no apparent reason.

Let me explain: you are writing a word and you make a mistake that the proofreader does not solve. So when you scroll to erase it and rewrite it, you will notice that uppercase is activated, so when you type the word again, the first letter is capitalized . It will not happen again. 

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