The endless patent lawsuit of Samsung Vs Apple returns -


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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

The endless patent lawsuit of Samsung Vs Apple returns

The endless trial of patents that have Apple and Samsung as protagonists, and that began in 2012, will again have a new chapter on May 14 in the United States District Court . The history of this trial is one of the most rugged and has been loaded with more and more resources that have led to its extension for so many years.

The first sentence condemned Samsung to pay 1,000 million dollars in 2012 , for violating several patents of Apple to manufacture their own mobile devices. Over the years that sentence has been reduced to 548 million dollars, with which the South Korean company was not satisfied and continued with resources.

The case reached the Supreme Court in 2015, where Samsung argued that damages for patent infringement should not affect a complete device , but only in the part that may be affected by that patent infringement. This makes the sentence go in relation to the sales derived by that infraction and not by the complete device.

The Supreme Court upheld Samsung's appeal and returned the case to the District Court, where Apple must now be the one trying to prove that the violation of a patent affects the entire device and not just a specific party. If you get it, you will get a good economic reward, although it does not seem easy once the case has left the highest judicial institution in the United States.

Despite having started in 2012 this case does not seem to have an end, and is that neither Apple nor Samsung want to reach an agreement, and if the first wants to take as much as possible of this case, the South Koreans seeking to minimize the damage, something that seems more than obvious, that it was to keep some patents registered by Apple.

Now we just have to wait for news about the endless case of patents between Apple and Samsung , which we fear so much will not have an immediate solution.

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