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Friday, 27 April 2018

The enemy at home: the worst enemy of the iPhone X are the rest of the iPhone

The iPhone X is a revolutionary phone for Apple and the entire smartphone sector, but rumors continue to insist on its low sales. So much so, that there is even talk of a dramatic decline in its production.

The analysts of Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) have conducted a survey of 500 US consumers between the months of January and March that, although they can not be taken as the official figures that Apple will publish on May 1, if they serve to cast more fuel to the fire of that increasingly widespread belief that the iPhone X sells little .

From their conclusions it follows that, despite its disruptive design and innovative features, the iPhone X has sold worse than its more humble and more conservative-looking brother, the iPhone 8 in both versions.

In fact, comparing it with the models launched by Apple in recent years, the percentage of sales is quite discreet. Is it just a matter of price or is that at the level of functions most users are satisfied with less?

Which model of iPhone has sold more in 2018?

From the survey prepared by CIRP it can be deduced that of those people who have bought an iPhone during the first quarter of 2018, this has been their choice:

    The iPhone 8 managed to get 23% of total sales .
    The iPhone 8 Plus achieved 21%.
    The iPhone X fell to third place, with 16% market share.
    The combined iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus achieved 20%.
    The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus reached 13%.

    Even the iPhone SE reached an 8% market share this first quarter

And is that the iPhone X aroused much interest in its launch, reaching good sales during the first weeks and the Christmas period, but it seems that those 1,159 euros hurt the pocket on the slope of January .

However, normally sales are recovered throughout the year and we can not forget that thanks to its price, the amount collected per unit sold is higher .

The dark panorama of the iPhone X

In addition, we insist that this is a study restricted to a small number of users in the United States , where Apple's ancestry is enormous and purchasing power is generally higher than in Spain or Latin America. But in other countries it is quite likely that many people have also opted for previous models or simply, cheaper.

With these figures, the rumor that the iPhone X will be discontinued this fall and Apple's new strategy with the iPhone in 2018 , probably many potential buyers are tempted to wait for new releases , which could be imminent in the case of the iPhone SE 2.

The iPhone X was declared one of the inventions last year by TIME magazine and much of the smartphone industry has been inspired by its design , however the price may have been a bigger obstacle than expected . In any case, we have to wait until May 1.

Via | GSM Arena 

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