The first phone created by Apple is not an iPhone, it is a spawn -


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Sunday, 1 April 2018

The first phone created by Apple is not an iPhone, it is a spawn

We are at a point in the history of technology where, for the first time, interfaces are being designed so that they learn to work with us. Until a few years ago, we all had to take a look at the manuals to know what to do. Now, however, the products are becoming incredibly intuitive , it is not even necessary to include a manual in many cases. But getting to the iPhone X has taken time.

Through many iterations, the industry has been able to discover what we really understand easily. Over time, we have gone from keyboards, to touch screens, and now we are heading to a future in which our voice directs everything . The question is, many times we do not realize what all this has taken. In the case of the iPhone, not only has it been a matter of launching different generations, with what seem to be a few changes that justify the purchase.

The iPhone revolution began many years before Steve Jobs gave his speech at MacWorld. In fact, it began in the '80s, when, for the first time, a product was conceived that would be known as the "MacPhone". This device, would have been the definitive fusion of the Mac and a fixed telephone, something that could have revolutionized communications at the time. Among other functions, it would have allowed to send messages created with its resistive touch screen.

And yet, although it seemed somewhat revolutionary, it never came to be launched. From Apple it was decided to stop the project, like so many others that we will not get to know, and all this remained in a prototype . Now, on the other hand, we find that, perhaps, this was one of those ideas advanced to its time. Specifically, for products such as Telefónica's Movistar Home, a new concept of landline telephone, which reminds us a bit of the concept that the MacPhone already showed at the time.

Would a MacPhone have worked today?

Via | The Atlantic 

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