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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The founder of Apple wants you to delete your Facebook account

It was already known that the scandal of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica was going to bring queue. And it is not for less, in fact we have published many articles about it, as they tell us in UrbanTecno , the data of many users are in danger.

And if there is someone, apart from Tim Cook, who talks to the world when he speaks, that is Steve Wozniak . The co-founder of Apple has been asked about this scandal. He has it very clear, he is going to erase his profile in the social network of Marck Zuckerberg, all motivated by this scandal of capital proportions .

    "Users give every detail of their lives to Facebook and ... Facebook gets a lot of advertising money from this. Profits are based on user information, but users do not recover any of the profits. "

And although we already know the great game that Facebook takes out of our data , we are always the product, the possibility has been dropped according to Sheryl Sandberg, the general director of operations of Facebook, that the social network could not market with our data as long as we are willing to pay . Many are the ones who put their hands on their heads because of it.

That is, there would be a free Facebook as we know it so far, and another payment where personal data would be treated with more care , so that we were not invaded by advertising or directly spied by the social network. Would a digital breach between premium users or other lite be opened?

Would you be willing or willing to pay to enjoy a safer or cleaner social network? Have you joined the #deletefacebook movement? All this and more we expect it in our comments section and in our social profiles, yes we are on Facebook and Twitter .

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