The iPhone is no longer unbreakable: the police are done with Graykey -


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Friday, 13 April 2018

The iPhone is no longer unbreakable: the police are done with Graykey

The technologies are always at our service, that is an undeniable truth, but while they do it they are also at the service of people of very bad faith and obscure interests . Telephones always keep valuable information that can help in the resolution of certain police cases. More than 2000 euros cost to unblock the iPhone 6 of Diana Quer , disappeared in Spain and whose terminal was found in an estuary.

This is accompanied by some controversy, as the FBI and Apple ensarzaron in a very bitter argument when the first asked the Californian company to unlock the iPhone 5C of the assassin of the killing of San Bernardino , which Apple did not want to do.

And we have previously informed about the upcoming commercialization of a box capable of accessing any iOS device, known as GrayKey , and that would undoubtedly help law enforcement bodies to have access to the contents of the phones of both victims and perpetrators. criminal acts and help in their resolution.

The police forces of some states of the North American country have already begun to order some boxes from the manufacturer , these are the police of the states of Maryland, Indiana or Miami. The price of these boxes varies between 15,000 and 30,000 dollars , depending on whether or not they require internet connection or geolocation.

But this purchase would not be free of any problem, since Apple is continuously releasing security updates of its operating system which makes the box could not work in the latest versions until it was updated. However, it is very clear that these police forces have to see these acquisitions, as the number of cases in which a mobile device is involved is increasing.

Still the security forces and bodies have not received the orders, and the company seems unable to respond to requests from agencies interested in the acquisition . Behind the design of it is an engineer who was former head of systems security at Apple.

Via | macrumors 

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