The iPhone X is dead, or so they say -


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Saturday, 21 April 2018

The iPhone X is dead, or so they say

Apple bet hard, a lot, for its flagship terminal of 2017 , Face ID, screen without frames, TrueDepth system, an A11X processor that sweeps the competition and a very stylized and clean design, why deny it. Now, have we reached the end of an era on this tenth anniversary?

And there is an indicator that can assume that this device is going to be discontinued. The Californian company has stopped asking Taiwanese chips from TSMC , and if it has done so it is for one reason: it will no longer be manufactured and will no longer be available in September.

    With the declines in orders for iPhone X and the inventory problem in TSMC at record levels, which basically reflect the need to liquidate it. Why? Because the iPhone X is dead

What are the causes of this decline in sales of the iPhone X? The reason seems clear, its price. A terminal that starts from a storage capacity of 64 GB and has a starting price of 1159 euros , is simply .... A nonsense? Okay, the terminal is amazing, but it is also true that the competition is offering interesting devices at a lower price , see Xiaomi or Huawei. And that it is Apple should not bar via free at that price so bulky.

As we know, in September we will see three new models for this 2018 , with screen sizes ranging from 5.8 to 6.5 inches, increase in RAM and two of them would carry OLED screens. The intermediate model would mount a 6.1-inch LCD and would have a lower price , it is called even as the "iPhone 2018 low-cost". I would not have a dual camera or 3D Touch.

Will it be a good time at the end of summer to buy an iPhone X at a lower price? Would Apple lower the amount of this device then? All this and more we wait for it in comments, as well as in the social networks of Facebook and Twitter, in which we are present.

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