The iPhone X Plus points to the iPen fashion of the Samsung Note -


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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

The iPhone X Plus points to the iPen fashion of the Samsung Note

Rumors continue to appear about the new iPhone 2018, and in the last few hours one of what could be the most interesting news of the iPhone X Plus has begun to take hold. Recall that this mobile device will have a 6.5-inch OLED screen, with the new A12 processor that would make it 20% faster than the current iPhone X, and could have an intelligent pen that made it look very much like Samsung Galaxy Note 8

At the moment it is only a rumor, although we have already seen some patents in the past on a possible ** "iPen", which would give new possibilities to an iPhone **. Of course, for what we have been able to know would not be included with the new iPhone X Plus and had to be purchased separately.

In addition we will not be able to keep it inside the device , as if it happens in the Galaxy Note 8 and that will undoubtedly be a huge handicap since we will have to be careful not to lose it and also look for a way to take it. There is no doubt that the Samsung stylus is almost perfect and is that being able to transport it in the terminal and take it out to use it quickly and at any time is something very positive.

Now we must wait for some image of the iPen leaked to confirm its release, but do not forget that and has been speculated on other occasions the possible incorporation to the iPhone of a stylus , without finally making its debut in the market .

In my opinion, I think we do not need a stylus on an iPhone , although it can be a good way to give luster to an iPhone X Plus and especially to provide it with new features and functionality that partially justify its price, that if the rumors do not lie will go above $ 1,000 quite easily.

Do you think we need a stylus for the new iPhone 2018 and specifically for the baptized as iPhone X Plus?

Via | phonearena 

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