The low cost iPhone of 2018, about to enter the oven! -


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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The low cost iPhone of 2018, about to enter the oven!

Apple has already prepared the response to the fiasco that has involved the iPhone X in its production line. We do not talk about it being a bad device, but maybe too much expectation and aside from the Face ID and a pretty decent camera, it does not offer much more than for example any of the series 8 .

And as it is known that a nail takes out another nail, Apple has everything ready to produce telephones this year 2018 , which will be three very different models. The first of them would come to replace the iPhone X, since it would have the same measurements; the following is very interesting, since it could be a more economical model to bring LCD screen and a measure of it of 6.1 inches, and finally a model with a fairly large 6.5-inch screen and OLED panel, like than the first one

The initial production is estimated to be between 80 and 90 million units , and half of them would be destined to intermediate size, that is, the low-cost iPhone, which is expected to be well accepted by the markets , and shows how important this particular model is for Apple.

These three devices are expected to mount the TrueDepth camera system , and the Face ID biometric identification system, revealed to be the safest that currently exists , and that all incorporate edge-to-edge screen.

And when we say that the furnace is clentito it is because production may begin in the next month, in May . So it was with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus, which began to occur in the same month of 2017, although with the iPhone X there were production problems due to the complexity of the TrueDepth system .

So Apple has quite a lot of hope put in this model of intermediate size , with good features, but at a significantly lower cost . The exorbitant prices of the iPhone X seem to have made a dent , or at least made the thoughtful heads of the Cupertino company reconsider. 

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