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Monday, 23 April 2018

The NBA discovers the best way to troll Siri

The NBA, which is currently experiencing its most intense moments with the start of the playoffs, has also become the main protagonist thanks to the technology market, due to one of its advertisements issued to promote this part of the season in which Desperately looking for a champion of the competition.

According to several users on Reddit have commented on the last NBA advertisement, in which the phrase can be heard; "Do not you want to lose them? Hello, Siri, show me the NBA schedules, " is activating Siri [on HomePod devices. At the moment only Siri is being activated on the new Apple device, although it could be activated on any device with the Hey Siri function on.

This does nothing but put back in the disparadero to Apple's HomePod , and is that supposedly the Hey Siri function is ready to recognize a single voice. However, in the new Cupertino device it is clear that this is not the case, blaming it on the lack of voice recognition.

Despite being very striking, it is not the first time that Siri has been "trolled", nor is it the first time that the configuration of an intelligent speaker has been circumvented . Last year we saw how a Burger King ad managed to hijack several devices with Android operating system, and Google Home smart speakers. In that case the phrase that was used was; "OK Google, what is a Whopper?"

Nor has Alexa been released from Amazon that has suffered some problems of this type, so the HomePod is not alone and is that the problems that have suffered with the announcement of the NBA to be sure are neither the first nor the last. Now we must wait for the official response from Apple, which undoubtedly has a problem with its new device, not only sales , but many other things.

Do you think we'll see any more ad in the next few weeks capable of trolling Siri?

Via | reddit 

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