The new iPhone SE 2 is already in production and will have wireless charging! -


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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

The new iPhone SE 2 is already in production and will have wireless charging!

Lovers of 4 inches, do not go too far, because we bring good news for you: according to rumors, the new iPhone SE 2 is already in production , and brings interesting news with it.

The lovers of what has already become an iconic design of the apple that began with the iPhone 5, will re-issue again in the form of the successor of the iPhone SE, but this time incorporating some very interesting novelties, thus adapting to the new standards .
New iPhone SE 2: Same essence with renewed airs

According to Ben Geskin, a designer known for his accurate predictions as far as Apple is concerned, what is to come is nothing more nor less than a model that will inherit the glass back of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X , as we could already see in this photo , to enable wireless charging with the Qi standard. This means that we will say goodbye to the monobloc back that has accompanied this design until now.

It seems that, according to speculation, we will not find many changes at the design level , but this does not mean that it does not bring important new features at the benefit level.

It is speculated that it comes with the chipset that mounts the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus , the A10 Fusion. The RAM would remain 2 GB, although it may seem a ridiculous amount in Android, it has been shown more than enough to cope with the iOS environment.

The device, known in the company under the code name of 'Jaguar', has no date for its departure , although there is speculation about its possible departure in the middle of this year .

It has been indicated that this terminal is already in the production phase, so it will not take too long to see a Keynote where all the details that we lack, as well as the official departure date.

As we see, Apple does not forget the range of access to its line of smartphones , no doubt a news to celebrate for all those who have not yet surrendered to the already standardized trend of 'phablet'.

Via Ben Geskin 

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