These are the best mahjong games for your iPhone and iPad -


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Saturday, 14 April 2018

These are the best mahjong games for your iPhone and iPad

Today we travel to ancient China to bring a selection of mahjong games , which have always caught the attention of the western world since they began to meet there in the 20s of the last century. And it is not for less, they have the ability to be very addictive.

And is that the refined design of their chips, traditionally made with ivory or bone, have made these games something mystical and with an ancestral air, and if we join the sophisticated drawings and graphics they have, we managed to combine all the elements necessary for the success

Best mahjong games for iPhone and iPad

Mahjong Crimes

Will you be able to solve the murder on the Orient Express? Here the mahjong is the perfect excuse thanks to the 250 levels it offers and that will guide you to hidden clues.

Mahjong Heroes

Destined to a smaller audience, its curious interface and friendly animals entertain and captivate the attention of those who practice it.

Mahjong Quest - Match Tiles

This presents 700 levels with which to test your abilities , a challenge for the mind. The best, play online with your friends and challenge them.

Mahjong Epic

Probably the most complete of all, offers fun and challenges insured for hours, all thanks to its more than 1,600 unique boards . A complete mahjong experience that will dazzle you.

Mahjong City Tours

More than 1,000 levels that will make you very entertaining thanks to which you can play without connection. Get the enhancers to go even further and do not stop surprising with their challenges, all totally free.

Do you like these games of the Qing Dynasty? Write us in the comments section to propose the games that you would like to have a compilation of . You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter with our updated content. We will wait for you!

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