This Tuesday is full of free apps on iOS, run that fly! -


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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

This Tuesday is full of free apps on iOS, run that fly!

As usual, we have compiled a selection of free apps for a limited time compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

We do not know how long these applications will be free in the iOS App Store , so it is best to download them as soon as possible.

Today we bring you a series of very interesting free apps for iPhone and iPad. Take a look and enjoy the best apps and games of the moment.

Free apps for iPhone and iPad - April 10
Audiobel: Professional SPL

Audiobel is an application for iPhone and iPad that allows users to accurately measure the sound level in decibels with the use of the device's microphone.
Minesweeper XL

Have you ever played the classic Windows Minesweeper ? If so, this free game for a limited time will enchant you. It's exactly the same as the original Minesweeper, but with more difficulty levels and a multiplayer mode to compete with your friends.
Sweet Factory Prime

Sweet Factory Prime is a very simple game, but at the same time it is very fun. Your goal will be to move fast, react and produce as many candies and candies as you can.
Mighty Block

Mighty Block is a Tetris type game in which you will have to go chaining combinations of colored blocks . There are many levels available and it is quite entertaining. But hang out, little else.

Alloy is a very interesting stock automation application. With this app you can automate your daily activities . Whether opening an application or repeating complex processes, its sophisticated engine will allow you to do wonders with your device.

So far our collection of free applications for a limited time for iPhone and iPad. We hope you liked today's recommendations. More tomorrow! 

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