This WhatsApp trick allows you to move from a group to a private chat -


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Monday, 23 April 2018

This WhatsApp trick allows you to move from a group to a private chat

In recent months we have offered you the 14 best tricks for WhatsApp (2018) , how to save data in WhatsApp with 3 simple tricks or even the 10 essential tricks to be a WhatsApp expert , but with this we have not managed to offer you all the tricks that they are available in the popular instant messaging application , in large part because of their continuous updates that offer us new features and functionalities, as well as new tricks.

This is the last trick that we have discovered and that has to do with the possibility of moving from a group to a private chat , with just one movement. This can be really useful in very large groups, when you want to talk to someone from that particular group and do not want to follow the usual procedure that is certainly much longer than the one we are going to teach you next.

Just press and hold any message of that contact will enable us to mark as favorite, answer, reject or copy, but if you also press the arrow, which you can see in the image that we show below, you will access the option "Send message", with the name of the contact .

Then we will open it, or a new conversation with that contact or if we already had it, we will open the one we had with that person. With this we avoid the process of having to leave the group to the main screen , find the chat with that person among the surely dozens of conversations you have and open the conversation to have to start writing.

Surely many of you already knew this interesting trick that WhatsApp offers us , but I am convinced that most of you had not discovered it yet. Now you just have to start using it and take advantage of it as much as possible.

Did you already know the trick that we show you today to move from a group to a private chat? 

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