This will be the Apple Watch 4 with its new larger display -


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Friday, 13 April 2018

This will be the Apple Watch 4 with its new larger display

This year Apple will introduce some very interesting changes in its new generation wearable. It is rumored that the company of the bitten apple will present an Apple Watch Series 4 with a much bigger and brighter screen .

Specifically, it is speculated that the Cupertino firm would increase the size of the Apple Watch 4 screen by up to 15% .

By developing such a large smartwatch, Apple could have much more space to also increase the size of the battery . But how would an Apple Watch 4 with the screen be 15% larger?

A concept that imagines a larger Apple Watch Series 4

This concept of the Apple Watch Series 4 shows how the company of the bitten apple could expand the size of its wearable next-gen . The truth is that the change is barely perceptible, 15% is not an excessively considerable increase, but it would have very advantageous consequences for users.

This concept has come from the hand of Phone Arena , and its edges with curved shape could be a change very well accepted by consumers. In addition, the rounded corners of the screen could make it much better integrated into the smartwatch.

As mentioned previously, other advantages that would imply the implementation of a larger screen would be the increase in battery life . In addition, the smartwatch could come along with a much more powerful processor and blood pressure monitoring.

Finally, we recommend you take a good look at this spectacular Apple Watch Series 4 video concept :

Apple is expected to present its new Apple Watch Series 4 during WWDC 2018 or, failing that, the keynote that will take place in September.

What do you think about the increase of the Apple Watch 4 screen? Do you think Apple will improve its battery? Are you thinking about updating your current Apple Watch? We wait for you in the comments and in the social networks. 

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