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Monday, 23 April 2018

Time gives the reason to Apple: the App Store is much better with app and game of the day

A few months ago, the App Store suffered a huge facelift with which we have all won: more information, more featured apps, a lighter and more intuitive interface ...

Those are some of the reasons that have encouraged many users to go through the iOS download platform. But in addition to the users, the great beneficiaries have been the development of third-party apps, precisely one of the objectives of this redesign.

So much so that the results of a recent study by the Sensor Tower consultancy have been forceful: the section of the game of the day has caused that app in question to download up to 800% more . Total success! For this, the firm compared the number of app downloads before and after implementing these sections during the month of September.

Until iOS 11, we could find lists with the most popular apps, but these did not change very often, with which few users discovered novelties. Why enter the App Store if always the same?

The star sections of the App Store: Today, Featured, Game of the day

It is not the only one to experience this promotion: that Apple has included sections of applications in the App Store has been very well received by users. Thus, the app of the day has downloaded a 685% more and the stories have also uploaded 222% in downloads by users.

And is that the update of the App Store brought with it the sections Hoy, which works as a kind of digital magazine on software; the stories and the outstanding applications, that bring us new apps and that are worth downloading.

IOS apps are living a golden age : it is not that iOS users spend more money on applications than Android , is that every time they download more apps and also, developers prefer iOS to Android and they show it by launching before the apps in the App Store. 

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