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Monday, 23 April 2018

WhatsApp vs Telegram 2018: Which is better?

If you look at your phone, I am 100% sure that WhatsApp will be there. The most popular messaging app is a new form of communication in itself that has changed the way we relate to each other. But it's not the only one, and probably not the best either. Over the years we have seen other more secure ones, like Signal . And other more flexible, such as Facebook Messenger . But if there is one that stands out among its insignificant competition, that is Telegram .

Yes, essentially WhatsApp and Telegram allow you to do the same : chat. And to chat it is necessary that your contacts have installed the same app as you. So today we want to show you why Telegram is better and that you install it. Because the more people install it, it will still be better.

WhatsApp vs Telegram: Which is better?
User base and monetization

Back in 2014, WhatsApp was still looking for a way to be profitable that went by paying one euro per year. At this time, Mark Zuckerberg took her for 19,000 million euros and became completely free, just like Facebook. Is Zuckerberg an altruist? No, but the publicity and the commercialization of the data of its users have enough to do . The numbers of WhatsApp are currently brutal: more than 1,000 million active users, that is, 1 out of every 7 people on the planet have WhatsApp.

For its part, Telegram has only 100 million users , but has managed to set itself up as an alternative thanks to being a platform with its own personality. It's also free but its monetization potential is great thanks to the bots tool.

Telegram Messenger
Telegram Messenger
Social Networking

WhatsApp vs Telegram: Features

We have said before, in general both serve for the same . And as in any other sector, it is logical and normal that both apps are copied functions, but each has its own personality. Yes, Telegram has a blue interface and WhatsApp is green, but we are going to go beyond aesthetics.

To summarize, here you can see a table with its characteristics. At first glance you will see that almost everything WhatsApp has, Telegram has it and also probably had it before .
Whatsapp Telegram
Bots Do not Yes
Synchronization in the cloud Yes Yes
Edit messages Do not Yes
Delete messages Yes, 1 hour and 8 minutes Yes, up to 48 hours
End-to-end encryption Yes, by default Yes, and secret chats
Sending files Up to 100 MB Up to 1.5 GB
GIFs Yes Yes
Compression images Yes Yes
Editing images Yes Yes
Integrated browser Do not Yes
Play in the app Yes Yes
Shipping location Yes Yes
Memory manager Yes Yes
Api open Do not Yes
Password lock Do not Yes
Public channels Yes, broadcast lists Yes
Groups Yes, up to 256 members Yes, up to 75,000 members
Secret Chats Default Yes, optional
Themes (Personalization) Do not Yes
Mulitplatform Do not Yes
Status message Yes Yes
Stickers Do not Yes
Verification in two steps Yes Yes
Nicks Do not Yes
Video calls Yes Do not
Voice calls Yes Yes
Web version Yes, it requires active connection Yes

So yes, Telegram is definitely better than WhatsApp except for two things : the messaging app owned by Zuckerberg has many more active users and allows video calls, something that Telegram suffers from.

Both are very safe when sending and receiving, although in WhatsApp encryption is by default, while in Telegram you have to initiate a secret chat, which besides guaranteeing end-to-end encryption, does not leave a trace on the server , they destroy themselves and prevent the forwarded, so Telegram provides more additional security . And let's not forget the PIN to block the app.

Although in both you can send files, audios, GIFs, location, photos and videos, as you see Telegram is more powerful and allows you to send more content .

We have already seen how WhatsApp is similar and even in what few sections. But with Telegram you can do much more .

What functions do Telegram and WhatsApp have not?

Although this interests the developers, we who enjoy it are the users. APIs are platforms that allow developers to increase the possibilities of a system beyond its default functions . Thanks to them we have bots and Telegram themes.

The Bot ecosystem is by far the best of Telegram . A chatbot is an interactive program that returns responses based on the user's requests. The bots allow you to read news headlines, translate texts, watch the weather, play YouTube videos, search for products ... Without going any further, on Telegram there are some to help you find music such as VKM Bot or gift ideas such as "What gift ? " Just download the app and enter its name.
Lock code

In addition to the Touch ID, Face ID or PIN of your iPhone, in Telegram you can add a security code so that even if you have your phone, tablet or computer unlocked, nobody can access your account without entering it . Unfortunately, with WhatsApp you can only do it with additional apps .

Less data consumption

Although WhatsApp has an option in its configuration to reduce data consumption, a recent study shows that it is not by far the messaging app that you consume the least. Yes, Telegram is also better than WhatsApp in this . To give you an idea, this report considers intensive use as 100 messages sent, 100 messages received, 50 photos received, 20 sent. The difference? Almost twice as many megaphones spend WhatsApp.
Multi platform

Yes, WhatsApp can also be used with your computer and tablet using WhatsApp Web , but they require your mobile phone to be close by, with a battery and with an internet connection. Also, sometimes it hangs up. With Telegram you can use your web version, but you can also download the software on any computer and use it even if you have the phone turned off or in another location . 

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