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Saturday, 14 April 2018

When will the new iPad 2018 come down? Buy it cheaper!

With the arrival of the new iPad of sixth generation , the line of Apple tablets has been renewed in order to meet the complex needs of a sector such as education. In addition, along the way they have managed to create the best tablet in their segment, with a power and features far superior to those of the competition . All this, thanks to a price that is most appealing for new users and for those who are considering a renewal.

However, being the lowest cost iPad in the range does not automatically make it a bargain, in fact, it is still possible to see it at a lower price. Of course, we will not see it with offers of the same level as those in the US, given that stores in Spain tend to maintain Apple's official prices . In fact, many of the promotions are usually not valid for the products of this brand.
Black Friday and Cyber-Monday

It is impossible to talk about when the best offers for the new devices can be given without mentioning Black Friday, the main sales party of the year, to which, little by little, different establishments in Spain have been joining. In this way, on November 23 of this year , in time for Christmas shopping, we can find endless bargains. And among them, we are sure that you can find a sixth generation iPad.

Also, as if that were not enough, it is important to remember that, for those who can not move to physical facilities, they can also wait for Cyber ​​Monday. This year, this event will be held on November 26 , and we will be able to access the most succulent offers on the network. Among them, it is expected that giant such as Amazon , or eBay sales and auctions page, in which we can also find a multitude of external vendors with greater capacity for rebate.

Amazon Prime Day

If we have already discussed that Amazon would celebrate Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, the truth is that these are not your best days of sales. At least, not for Prime users. All those who have an active Amazon Prime subscription , regardless of whether it is a trial or not, can access the big day of the website, the Prime Day. And here, it is when the true fever of the sales in Amazon is unleashed.

The main drawback of this day, is that it is possible that the offers are applied on previous generations, in order to free stock. This is because it could be held on a date relatively close to the launch of this new iPad, on the first half of July . For now, we have no choice but to wait, since Amazon has not yet made any announcement, and is not expected to do so until the end of June.

IPad renewal calendar 

When trying to get an idea of ​​when may be the best time to acquire a new device, regardless of its brand or origin, it is important to take into account the manufacturer's release calendar. In the specific case of the iPad, we find that, in the WWDC of June , the renewal of the iPad Pro line could take place. Although they belong to different segments, this could boost special offers from platforms such as eBay.
Special discounts and flash offers

In any case, we will always have some special offers available, such as those of students , which can be accessed by any authorized institution or individual. And, above all, we will have to be vigilant for when you leave the iPad Pro renewals, because although they do not share a segment, they can bring a discount for this sixth generation iPad. If you want to know when the offers arrive, you just have to follow iPadizate with attention.

Especially, because you can find pretty attractive flash offers , which are only available for a few hours and in limited quantities. Not only the sixth generation iPad, but also other devices, as you can see in these succulent offers iPad Pro and iPad 2017 . So we recommend that you activate the notifications of our website in your browser, and that you follow us on our social networks. You never know when it might be the perfect time to buy a new iPad.

And you, have you already renewed your iPad? 

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