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Saturday, 21 April 2018

Why Apple refuses to repair an iMac as a guarantee of a famous YouTuber

What a controversy has been mounted! Both Apple and the authorized technical service of the bitten apple have refused to repair the iMac Pro by Linus Sebastian, a popular youtuber that has a channel on technological tricks called Linus Tech Tips. Just what Sebastian needed to launch another video.

Among its many adventures is to completely dismantle its expensive iMac Pro last generation and try to reassemble it without success to its almost 6 million followers. His team was responsible for cutting it for its review published in January, but oh friend ... one thing is to disassemble and quite another to assemble and it works. I speak from my own experience.

    More than $ 5,000 in the trash!

By accident, they dropped the LED screen while trying to fix it to the chassis . You can imagine the disaster. As is customary in Apple , a screen change usually involves the replacement of other additional components. Apparently, another logic board and another source would be needed.

When they realized the damage, Sebastian and his team came to Apple to consult on possible repair options. And this is when the Cupertino giant got tough on the limited availability of component replacement. Or what is the same, who said no: Apple not only would not make the guarantee effective but also repair their expensive iMac . Who is right in this case? Does Apple not comply with the legislation?

Apple may refuse to repair your devices even with warranty

Apple's long list of terms and conditions of repair clearly states that the company will not support damaged products as a result of unauthorized modifications, including:

    Defective installations, repairs or maintenance performed by someone other than Apple or your authorized SAT

What's more, the one-year standard warranty - please, here's how the two-year warranty in Europe works and how Apple complies - stipulates that the warranty is invalid if the product incurs damage caused by maintenance (including updates and expansions) made by someone outside Apple or your SAT. So neither repair nor warranty.

It does not matter if you are an ordinary person or a youtuber , Apple will not repair your Apple device in these cases. Not even if you're willing to pay for them, something that Sebastian has sat very badly.

Moreover, it is a more common procedure than you might think that a company denies the support to products of the house if they have been modified independently of the guarantee, alluding to security reasons and to avoid assuming responsibilities if the repair does not it's possible.

For better or for worse, Apple has already warned you in your contract that you have signed, so the only possible option is to resort to an unofficial technical service or ironically, watch YouTube videos and try to repair it yourself .

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