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Monday, 2 April 2018

With this iPhone trick you can sleep better at night

Technology makes our lives a little more wonderful but, unfortunately, sometimes it also makes it difficult for us to have such important and essential habits of life as having a peaceful and relaxing sleep . Have you ever suffered from insomnia? Do you spend your nights watching videos on your iPhone from the bed? Have you changed your sleep schedule because of your iPhone?

The blue light from the screens of our devices can negatively influence our sleep and, therefore, can cause serious health problems . The biological clock of our body not only dictates what time to rest and when to wake up ... but it also dominates our bodily functions and controls other habits such as eating, exercising and other basic needs.

Exposure to blue light can be very stressful for our vision. This is capable of ocular irritation, fatigue, heaviness, insomnia, lack of concentration and a long etcetera. Luckily, the iOS operating system has a hidden function that will help you sleep much better by avoiding the blue light on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch .

How to avoid blue screen light and sleep better

The functionality of which we speak is known as Night Shift Mode and automatically changes the colors of the screens to a much warmer tones. In addition, it can be automated to activate at night and deactivate in the morning.
How to activate Night Shift

Follow these steps to enable the functionality:

1. Access Settings.

2. Go to Screen and brightness.

3. Enter the Night Shift section.

4. From here you can program the function, activate it until tomorrow and set the color temperature of the screen.

There is a much faster method to activate Night Shift:

1. Activate the Control Center on your iPhone or on your iPad.

2. Keep your finger pressed on the screen lighting panel.

3. Activate the Night Shift mode.

Devices compatible with Night Shift

You can use Night Shift on these devices:

    iPhone 5s and later
    iPad Pro and later models
    iPad (5th generation) and later
    iPad Air and later versions
    iPad Mini 2 and later
    iPod Touch (6th generation)

Via | The Sun 

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