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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

With this trick you can hear WhatsApp voice message before sending it

Who does not like WhatsApp voicemail? Finally a tool to release your speech with the nuances of your voice and without the need for emojis and being able to expand everything you want. That people avoid listening to them if it is too long, is another story. In addition, WhatsApp recently implemented a useful function to stop pressing the record button .

In fact, there are also people who do not like the WhatsApp audios, for them we also have a trick in the form of an app that transcribes words into text . In any case you already know that the WhatsApp audios are not like the messages to which you can disable the double blue check: no, whenever you hear an audio of WhatsApp, the popcorn will turn blue ... unless you do this other discreet trick pro level

But let's return to the topic: probably the worst thing about voice messages is that when you have been recording for a while sometimes you simply forget what you have spoken or how you have expressed it, so it is logical and normal that you want to hear it again. Something that a priori can not be done.

Or yes, because with the implementation of the lock to block the audio, WhatsApp provided a tool capable of stopping an audio in the middle of the recording to resume it in cases such as low battery and cut, receiving a call, etc .; and at the same time, that we can hear WhatsApp audios while we are doing other things .

How to listen to your WhatsApp voice messages before sending them 

But how can we listen to our WhatsApp audio before sending it? Very easy. This is the procedure to follow:

1) When you are recording an audio of WhatsApp with your iPhone, return to the main screen or another app . If your iPhone has a Home button, just touch it. If it's an iPhone X, slide the screen down.

2) The audio will stop recording as soon as you exit the first plane of the WhatsApp interface.

3) Now you just have to go back to WhatsApp . You will see your audio and you will be able to hear it quietly, send it or delete it by clicking on the trash can icon. How easy! 

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