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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

1 in 5 users prefer the letter of the largest iPhone, this is how you can do it

Over time the screens of the iPhone have grown in size, which has allowed us to use our device for viewing content or simply to enjoy more of it. In addition it has also allowed that all those people, with problems of sight for example, can increase, without too many complications, the size of the source of the text to be able to see better any content.

My mother is one of those people, who has the source of his iPhone to a huge size, but unlike what I and many thought this is very common. And is that up to 20% of users do manually that the letter of your iPhone is larger , and only 7% prefer the source of the text still smaller than the one established by default.

    We took a sample size of + 30k users over 1 month period. And we grouped them by font size they use (17 is the default on iOS, 14 is the min and 53 is max if Larger Accessibility Text is enabled) Turns out 73% uses default, 20% uses bigger font and 7% uses smaller font . / 4 pic.twitter.com/vdTVwZ0x38
    - Sean Ho (@seansan) April 16, 2018

How to put the largest iPhone letter

Increasing the font size of your iPhone text is a very simple process, which we explain to do next ;

    Access the settings of your iPhone and access the General menu, then accessibility and finally find the option that says "Text larger"
    Now you just have to adjust the size of the font in the mobile bar that appears at the bottom of the screen
    If you still want the texts to be larger, you must activate the option "Larger Texts" that appears at the top of that same screen

Now that you know how to make the text font of your largest iPhone, you can choose one that suits your needs as much as possible , and especially teach this trick to other people, who ma

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