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Thursday, 31 May 2018

3 iOS tricks that you are probably not using

Sometimes, we find that our device still has many things to teach us. Small tricks that, when we discover them, relieve us a little life for the comfort they give us.

However, in order to experience that sensation, we need precisely someone to help us discover them. Today, we present three different tricks that will help you to manage your iPhone or iPad much better, in addition to other less common ones that we have already presented to you .

Use your keyboard as a trackpad

To begin, we want to remind you of the existence of 3D Touch. That technology that could be on the verge of disappearing , and that since the iPhone 6S has been accompanying us to offer us different shortcuts with just doing pressure on the screen. The trick that we present below is one of those shortcuts.

It allows you to convert your keyboard, in a trackpad to move comfortably in the texts with the cursor. You just have to press the keyboard in a text field, and swipe when the letters have disappeared, as explained here .

Improve your photos with the grid

If you have ever had photography classes, you probably have been able to know the rule of thirds . This rule allows us to compose orderly each photograph, so that we can create images as attractive as the ones we teach you to create in this tutorial .

To take advantage of this rule on your iPhone, you only have to go to Settings > Camera and select Grid . With these simple steps, you can activate the grid in the viewer of the Camera app, so you can always keep the proportions.

Go quickly to the start of a page

There are many times that we find endless web pages, which instead of trying to organize their content properly, are dedicated to overturn everything in one sitting, forcing us to move in an exaggerated way with our fingers to get to the beginning.

However, this is not necessary in iOS. Regardless if you are on an iPhone or an iPad, you can always touch the status bar to return to the start of any page.

Of course, we are sure that many of you can save some time using these tricks. At the end of the day, from so much avoiding to read the manuals, in the end we let pass some of the most interesting tricks, like the ones that we have taught you today.

And you, which ones would you add to the list?

Via | ZDNet

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