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Thursday, 10 May 2018

4 functions of the new Android P inspired by iOS 11

IOS and Android users are involved, year after year, in an endless debate about which mobile operating system is more complete , more stable, more fluid and more functional.

Every year we see how both iOS and Android offer new versions with their advantages and disadvantages with respect to the other operating system. But in each of these updates, the same question always arises: Have you copied iOS or Android to your competitor?

Personally, I think that this kind of competition between operating systems is as natural as healthy, in technological terms. It only benefits consumers, offering more and more useful functions. And of course, iOS and Android copy each other, and it's not a bad thing . On the contrary, it is very beneficial for the world of technology.

Android P features inspired by iOS 11
Google news

Although Google News services were already present in previous versions of the operating system, Google has completely renewed its appearance and functionality giving it a style very similar to that of Apple News . Although it must be recognized that the artificial intelligence functions offered by this application are really innovative.
Navigation by tactile gestures

Perhaps the most flagrant "copy" of Android P with respect to iOS 11 is the new navigation system using touch gestures specially designed for all devices that have removed their start button. However, this function is compatible with all terminals running Android P. It is a system identical to the iPhone X that allows users to use touch gestures to open multitasking, change and close applications.
Adaptive screen brightness

Google also introduced a feature called "adaptive brightness" capable of automatically adjusting the level of screen brightness in Android P. A feature that had been present in iOS for years.
Notifications with quick response

Finally, although they did not emphasize it, there is the quick response function in the Android P notifications. With this feature it will be possible to respond to messages directly from notifications .

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