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Sunday, 13 May 2018

5 iPhone design details that you do not know yet

When I tell my friends in Cupertino take care of even the smallest details, I do not exaggerate or try to leave Android in evidence, no matter how hard they try - with little success - showing me the benevolence of their terminals in front of my iPhone. Today I would like to share with you the sample of why, simply, Apple is more refined than all its competitors .
Hidden iPhone details: elegance even in unnoticed details

Steve Jobs said that a computer has to be beautiful even inside , something that has been fulfilled by Apple system since the appearance of the first Mac. The philosophy that changed forever the way we see the technology has remained to this day from today.

We find meaning to this statement when we look at the details that Apple has reserved for us on the iPhone, in those places where we would never expect to find them . This article will make you take out your mobile and delight with the little Easter eggs that Apple has been leaving in iOS.
1. Look at the flashlight of your control center

The lantern of your control center has a small switch. Activate it and you will notice that, in fact, when you turn on the flashlight, you are really doing it . Did you notice? Me neither.
2. The clock application is literally an analog clock ... With a functional second hand!

The watch application, beloved and hated in equal parts -for its function of awakening us daily, mostly- shows us the exact time in which we are. So far everything is normal, a lot of people say that it has been fixed, but ... Have you seen the second hand? This literally acts like a mechanical clock .
3. The lines are not random in the Voice Notes widget

The voice notes icon shows a few lines, but these have not been taken at random. They are literally the records taken from the word "Apple" . Okay, this does not have a functional application, but it is surprising at what level of detail they come to consider.

4. The 'add to read list' glasses are those of Steve Jobs

Surely, when we all think of Steve Jobs, we remember his image of a pair of jeans, a black turtleneck and round glasses . That is why, as a tribute, we have your glasses in the option of 'add to reading list'.

5. The logo of the iOS Maps application is, in fact, a real location

The maps of iOS help us find places - although sometimes they have bundled us more than anything else -. What is clear is that we can go to the location that shows us the map, because they are the offices of Cupertino in California .

These are some of the easter eggs that iOS has prepared for us . Now that you know a little more about your mobile, you just have to take it and check the ones I have exposed in the article.

Via | Mashable 

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