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Sunday, 27 May 2018

5 reasons why I prefer Apple Maps to Google Maps

The appearance of Apple Maps came with much controversy. The maps were not ready and dispensing with Google Maps was a risky option . Although iOS users get two good applications in exchange for one, thanks to the arrival in the App Store of the Google maps application.

Since then Apple Maps have been updated by adding numerous improvements and have gradually reached the expected level. So much so that they are my preferred choice of maps on the iPhone . These are the 5 reasons why I prefer the Google application to Apple.

Reasons why Apple Maps is better than Google Maps

Apple and Google are two completely opposite companies in their way of business. For Apple, privacy is paramount and its goal is to sell devices, not your data . Apple's own privacy page shows that they will not speculate with the data of their users.

Google however is different, and uses its maps to improve its advertising service . So it will use your location and the places you go to show you ads.

Integration with Siri
One of the main reasons why I prefer Apple Maps. Saying to Siri: "Hey Siri, take me home" and that shows you the directions is something difficult to overcome , especially if you are driving and you can not touch the iPhone. You can also ask Siri for more specific directions. Even ask how to get there by public transport. We can not do this with Google Maps on the iPhone.

Apple Watch

Another great advantage of using Apple Maps is if you have an Apps Watch. Google Maps has stopped supporting the Apple Watch, so if you want directions from your wrist you must use the Apple app . Also the clock vibrates every time we have to turn, something that can be very useful.

Integration with Yelp, The fork and FourSquare

Since Apple did not have a large user base, it partnered with Yelp to provide more information on points of interest and restaurants on the map. Now more applications have been added so the information is of quality since it comes from dedicated applications .

Apple Pay

The payment system of Apple has been extended in recent months exponentially by our country. I have already used it to use it and the Apple Maps show us if the establishments are compatible or not . Something important for example when you travel abroad.

Via | 9to5mac

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