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Thursday, 17 May 2018

5 things that you can now do in the new WhatsApp groups

WhatsApp continues to implement new functions so that its users find reasons to continue in it, over other more secure apps like Signal or with more features, such as Telegram .

The last of all of them is quite spectacular , in that it has managed to remodel the WhatsApp groups from end to end with new features that are tremendously useful for day to day.

Who is not involved in at least one WhatsApp group? The office, alumni of the university, group of friends, Eurovision fans ... There are WhatsApp groups for everything!

The WhatsApp groups are now much better but, do you already know everything you can do with the latest WhatsApp update? We show you everything so you are up to date. If you still do not see them in your WhatsApp, try to update it manually or if not, uninstall it and install it again.

So are the new WhatsApp groups
New description of groups

It seems silly but it is not. It is now possible to write a short summary in the Group's information about the nature of this, or its rules, thematic or whatever you want.

This is useful because when a new person joins the group, the first thing you will see will be that at the top of the chat .
The administrator has more power

No matter if it is one or more, administrators have more power in the new WhatsApp groups. If you want to see everything you can do in the groups in which you have the baton, you just have to go to the settings of the group in question . Among other things, you can restrict which members change the name, icon and description of the group.

And now administrators can remove the permissions of other members. If you have created the group, you have one more advantage: no one can kick you out .
Do not miss anything!

It is quite common for you to go to class or work and forget your phone for a while. When you pick it up again, you find as usual hundreds of notifications in the form of messages .

In the case of WhatsApp groups, you will now see an "@" at the bottom right corner to quickly and jointly view all the times you've been mentioned. In this way, you will be able to catch up and respond .
Who is in the group?

To know which people are part of the group in which you are included, you just have to go to the group information screen and see it.
Leave a group forever

How many times have you wished with all your strength to leave a group but you have not done it because you knew with certainty that they were going to get you back? No more. If you leave a group, WhatsApp has incorporated more protection so that they do not put you continuously . 

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