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Thursday, 31 May 2018

7 important problems that iOS 11.4 solves, update your iPhone now!

What good looks iOS 11.4 has! And so, because less than a week before we see iOS 12, it looks like we are facing the Golden Master. After months of waiting, the arrival of iMessage to iCloud and AirPlay 2 are a reality on our iPhone and iPad devices.

But the list of novelties does not end here. As is already tradition, with every update Apple introduces improvements for the stability and correction of bugs , something that never hurts in iOS 11.

And it is that iOS 11.4 fixes 3 major security problems that have brought the users head-on, as well as other less important ones like the ones listed below:

  • Fixes a problem that prevented access to Google Drive, Google Docs and Gmail from Safari . 
  • Fix a bug that limited the synchronization of Health app data and apps that could access Health. 
  • It solves a distortion problem in the CarPlay audio . 
  • Repair a music playback failure from the iPhone via Bluetooth or connect to USB of some vehicles. 
  • But let's go back to those three bugs that have made headlines in the media and have unhinged us. Once again, the support and speed of Apple is incredible in this regard , which we can more than insist on updating your iPhone and iPad to iOS 11.4 .

The famous black point

The first of all is the famous black point that blocks apps from our devices. Although it went viral when it reached WhatsApp affecting exclusively Android as we read in Andro4All , in iOS we had been suffering from it in our own apps such as iMessage or from third parties such as Twitter .

That famous black dot is actually a long string of Unicode characters not allowed in a longer extension than allowed. If you want to avoid it once and for all , you know what you have to do: update.

The order arrives at iMessage

Another one of those problems in extinction thanks to iOS 11.4 is the order in iMessage, or rather, the absolute disorder with which the messages appeared on some devices, something that provoked the complaints of the users.

Between the arrival of iMessage to iCloud and that everything will arrive in order and well synchronized, using Messages will be a pleasure again .

Order and symmetry on the home screen

We finished the review of the bugs that repairs iOS 11.4 with a clamorous interface failure . Maybe you have not noticed or just not happened, but some apps appeared on some devices out of place on the Home screen, ranking above other applications, without aligning.

Of course, the apps themselves were still working perfectly, but this mess on the desktop of the iPhone and iPad desperate many lovers of order. It is amazing to see such a serious aesthetic problem on a platform of the importance of iOS . Fortunately, it will not happen again.

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