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Monday, 14 May 2018

7 incredible things you can do with Telegram and that WhatsApp does not allow

Although WhatsApp is still the most popular messaging app that exists , there are many who increasingly opt for other communication applications, such as the secure Signal or Telegram.

The Pavel Durov app has emerged as a platform with its own personality and an alternative that continues to grow day by day. No wonder: with Telegram you can do more things than with WhatsApp , but it also makes them better.

Whether you are a convinced Telegram user or not, today we give you up to 7 reasons to try this great messaging app . No questions of privacy - after all WhatsApp belongs to the emporium Facebook - or interface, but functions.

Why Telegram is better than WhatsApp
In Telegram you can delete messages without a time limit

Recently we told you that in WhatsApp it is already possible to delete messages with a period of time slightly longer than one day . Very good, is not it? Of course, it's better than the 7 minutes it was initially, but with Telegram this time limit goes until 48 hours .

And as important as more time to erase your messages is that in Telegram you can delete them without leaving a trace . Nothing of "This message was deleted", a WhatsApp notification that makes us have to give more explanations.
You can use Telegram without having your mobile nearby

Another important advantage of Telegram is that, although you need to enter a phone number to create your account, then you can use the app without having your mobile phone nearby , on, with the data activated ... come on, what happens on WhatsApp.

What's more, with Telegram you can use the app from any computer or tablet without problems. You can be at home, off ... it does not matter, the app is just as fast and good as on the phone.
Get perfect gifts

Here there is no doubt: the Telegram bots are the best of the app . With Telegram it is possible to develop bots to offer services to its users. In this way, users only have to interact through a series of orders and obtain results in real time.

We have seen bots of all kinds, but one of the most interesting and useful are "@queregalobot" that helps us find the perfect gift by introducing a series of features such as the budget or sex and age of the person.

Travel cheap thanks to Telegram

Another wonderful function is the diffusion channels , which allow to spread content to its subscribers. They are similar to the WhatsApp broadcast lists, only that they reach more people.

One of those channels of dissemination that you will love is Cheap Flights , where if you sign up you can see real bargains in the form of plane flights . Be quick, it's over!
Listen to music from Telegram

Since Telegram has its own cloud, you could upload your songs to a group in which you are alone and listen to them from any device with complete peace of mind, without consuming so much data or breaking laws. And how not, without publicity. But there are also bots and music channels to get the best songs, albums, etc.

Be the first to discover offers

There are two channels that take the cake in terms of achieving technological bargains, that is, promotions of the best gadgets, apps or services found on the internet. You just have to join and buy before anyone , because promotions are usually limited in quantity. Son Chollos , chollos channel and Chollos Andro4All .

See Movies and series

In the same way that the Telegram cloud allows us to store songs, we can also store series and movies and play them without leaving the app with any device. But another better option if you are a movie buff - or seriĆ©filo - is that you join channels like Series with popcorn and Series and Movies 

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