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Thursday, 3 May 2018

A case of the iPhone SE 2 would confirm that it will have notch

We started a time of the year in which the rumors begin to become more present and strong , and the one that concerns us now comes from the iPhone SE 2, the supposed evolution of a great device that in March has served 2 years, the iPhone SE .

Many have been the speculations that have been made about this model, whether or not it will have start button, whether or not it will have a double lens, if the screen will be edge to edge, headphone jack ... Any option is valid at this time , but the last one comes on the famous notch, or notch.

And what better to share a tweet from the ineffable Ben Geskin, where he has rendered a model of what this phone can be , which reminds a lot of his predecessor and the iPhone 5 s.

    # iPhoneSE2 Render based on 3D CAD pic.twitter.com/4edD0cUEjX
    - Ben Geskin (@ VenyaGeskin1) May 2, 2018

But there is more, because it has been allowed to render this same phone but with a glass back , in case Apple decided to incorporate wireless charging.

    with Glass Back

    (additional iPhone 4 back glass version) pic.twitter.com/WOUj8cjQ1a
    - Ben Geskin (@ VenyaGeskin1) May 2, 2018

In addition to this, the photo of a case manufacturer would confirm that this device would be provided with this notch . There is also a photograph of a manufacturer of screen protectors , and this typical edge of the iPhone X also appears. Would we be facing an iPhone with a notch? It seems that yes, something that was not counted. The rumors continue .

And if this filtering is true, which we can not confirm, it would suggest that the new Apple device would be equipped with the TrueDepth system , which is precisely where it is hosted and what gives shape to this particular notch. It would also take for granted something that is already taken for granted: this iPhone will not have a headphone jack to use, the classic 3.5 mm and would opt for a lightning connection for charging and listening.

Given the time of year in which we are, a scant month before the start of the World Congress of Developers , it seems unlikely that before that date there will be an official presentation of this new device. Maybe then we have more complete lists probable release date, at the moment we have no choice but to keep waiting and picking up these that appear in the media.

Via | gizchina 

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